We’ve had the pleasure of working with Steph numerous times throughout the last few years. From lifestyle shoots, to couples, to events…, Steph is the real deal. Not only do we have the highest appreciation for her, but she captures the most incredible moments.. It is obvious that she is incredibly talented, but what sets her apart from the rest is that she’s fun to work with. She enjoys the day and the moment along with you, putting you at ease, making you laugh, bringing out the very best in you. She has captured some of our favorite memories that we’ll now have forever.


I will just start off by saying, weddings are stressful! Especially destination weddings. But, prior to the Marriage Equality Act, we had no choice. Picking a destination, outfits, hair and make-up, hotel accommodations, etc, these were all tough decisions. But, picking our photographer was the first decision we made and it was a no brainer. Steph and I have been friends for almost a decade, and I have been lucky enough to witness (and be a part of) her evolution into one of the most sought after LGBT photographers in the world! Whether you’ve known her for years, or just met her, she will instantly become one of your favorite people. Our wedding started at City Hall and we ended up in a random forest with the Golden Gate Bridge behind us, because, well we took an Uber and went on an adventure. That is Steph Grant- humorous, creative, loyal, adventurous, spontaneous, professional, and ridiculously talented. We were lucky to have her document our day and even luckier still to have her be a part of our lives.


Steph Grant is not only one hell of a photographer, but she is one of our very best friends. I can’t imagine trusting anyone else with capturing the most important day of my life. She knows us as more than clients. She felt organic there. Steph takes the time to make you forget that she has a camera. You feel like you’ve been having mimosas with your buddy, you look up, and she has captured you in your most raw and fantastic moments. So much talent. Such a genuine person. She is the best of the best.


It was really important to us to have a photographer who understood queer relationships and would be able to capture our love on camera. For such a special day in our lives, we wanted the best of the best, and according to her reviews, she was just that. We immediately connected through phone calls and later Skype chats, and we felt at ease knowing we had someone so experienced. One thing you don’t realize until after the wedding is how much time you actually spend with your photographer. Not only do the photos matter, but the photographer’s personality matters as well. Steph spent the entire weekend with us – meeting our friends and family and fitting in perfectly. We came out of our wedding experience not only with photos but also with a new and wonderful friend. Choosing Steph to capture our wedding was one of the best decisions we made.


We chose Steph because she’s an amazing human. She has a wonderful eye for delicate moments. Her photography speaks for itself. She doesn’t just take a beautiful picture, she captures the emotion and people within the photograph. We also tremendously value how real and authentic she is. Steph is not only a pleasure, but she’s the best.


We both had been following Steph on IG. When we got engayged, we both immediately wanted her. She’s so hot rn. But honestly, her photography style is the perfect blend of modern and elegant. She truly is able to capture moments in a raw, real way. It’s not that easy to find that in a photographer these days. She is also so genuine, it’s hard not to want to work with her!


We had been Insta friends for a while and I just knew Steph would capture everything perfectly! It was SO important for us to support other LGBT vendors, too, because we knew you would understand how special this day was for us. It was better than we thought and our guests LOVED you!


We love the way she captures candid, intimate moments between couples- even in the midst of the celebration! Its unlike anything we had seen from any other wedding photographer. It was also a huge factor that she labeled herself as a lesbian wedding photographer- we both felt it would be so much easier to be open and feel comfortable taking pictures around her, especially since both of us are fairly unassuming and don’t usually enjoy being the center of attention. After meeting her, we felt like we connected immediately and we had no doubts she would be perfect to document our wedding! She was a total pro- and did a phenomenal job at making two super awkward scientists take romantic, gorgeous pictures while looking totally natural!


I wish all vendor choices were as easy as Steph, she was the first vendor we booked! We had both followed her work for quite a while and loved her style. So often I’d look at wedding photos and just couldn’t get past how “posed” everyone looked. With Steph’s work, it was completely natural! After working with Steph it’s clear why! We were completely at ease with her the moment she walked in the door. It was literally like we’d been best friends since grade school, one of those friends that doesn’t need to knock when they come over to visit. They just walk right in and open the fridge, grab themselves a beer and toss one over to you before you even ask for it.


When we parted ways to do the hardest thing we’d ever done in our lives (trust that we’d find each other again), there were moments we just didn’t think we’d be able to do it. There were months and months of crying ourselves to sleep. I hated myself for not having the courage to rip the band-aid off and be honest with everyone. I couldn’t believe I was going to let Emmy down. I just didn’t know how it would ever work. And then one night, as I was up late crying, I was looking on pinterest and instagram for other people like me. I wanted to connect with other people who had gone through fire to get what they knew in their heart they had to have. I wanted to find couples who had made it. One click led to another and another and another until I finally landed on a story of a lesbian wedding in Tucson, Arizona… just two hours from my house. Angel and Monica…. Two of the most beautiful people with a wedding unrivaled by ANY wedding I had ever seen in my life! Beautiful, intimate, tender – but so effortlessly glamorous as if it were MEANT to be on a big screen even though they had taken every care to make it small and private. And then reading about “Steph Grant” and her passion to promote love and capture such BEAUTY in moments that are often paved first with hurt and fear and sacrifice… I felt a sob start in my toes and swell until it came almost VIOLENTLY out of me; ugly cry face and all. I obsessed over the images. Watched the video all night long. Each time I looked at their photographs and watched their video I felt a strange strength until by morning I knew I would stop at nothing until I had it. THAT WEDDING held me together and THAT WEDDING made ours a possible reality. I sent the images to Emmy. We obviously became instant followers and started tracking everything Steph was doing… when the giveaway was announced (months later and after we had found each other again) we knew we HAD to give it a shot! Fate, it seemed, had come full circle.


We were first introduced to a Steph’s work by a friend, years before we got engaged. From the moment we first saw her photos we knew there wasn’t anyone else we would want to tell our story. Even though we weren’t engaged at the time, we followed her on social media and kept her in the back of our minds, just in case. Not only is her work STUNNING (hello have you seen the amazingness), she is also an inspirational equality advocate and all around wonderful human being. It was also so important to us to have someone we connected with, and after following (T: okay, maybe low key stalking) her on social media for a couple years, we felt like she was meant to be in our lives. We booked Steph ridiculously far in advance (before we chose anything about our wedding) and didn’t even actually meet her in person – pretty sure Snap Chat convos don’t count – until she came to Austin for our engagement photos, over a year later! If it seems like she doesn’t know a stranger, that’s 100% true, and we feel so lucky to have shared such an important and exciting time in our lives with her. And hopefully she takes our not at all subtle hints and moves to Austin, so she can have a full time dog sitter for Chewy and eat Tacodeli with us all the time.


Whitney – Over the last decade, I’ve had the pleasure of witnessing Steph’s photography career grow from our local Dallas scene to the world-wide stage. Not only is her talent first-class, but I am also immensely proud of the person she is and the values she embodies and beautifully represents.
Lindsey – I was lucky to meet Steph several years ago before knowing her as a photographer. I was floored as I came to know her as an artist and as she started to put her incredible photography out into the world – and all the much deserved attention it received! We simply couldn’t imagine anyone else capturing the most special day of our lives and we were so happy to share it with her. We’ve loved getting closer over the last couple of years through her events with the Promote Love Movement and impromptu gatherings to meet new people in the community. We truly feel within this process that we’ve gone from community acquaintances to life long friends!


Steph Grant’s unique talent is evident when you simply glance at her portfolio. Her work has a signature “look” that draws the viewer’s attention, yet her attentiveness to each client allows individual outcomes to be distinct. The traits of Steph’s images that drew us to following her work include: the bold commercial quality, the colors that exude, her clients’ poses, and the happiness that radiates from clients in each session. It was an easy decision not to shop around for other photographers and simply wait until the time was right to work with Steph. When we discovered her, it seemed as if hiring THEE Steph Grant to shoot our family or marriage would be far into the future. However, our paths crossed sooner than we could have ever expected or hoped! Working with Steph far exceeded any expectations we had (which were already high). Upon initial contact she was prompt in her responses, accommodating, and even excited and joyful about us all working together. The actual day of our session couldn’t have gone any better! It was the first day we had all ever met – even though Steph generously offered a chance to Face Time beforehand. Steph made us feel extremely comfortable with her friendliness, positivity, and enthusiasm. These are all critical for a day of a photo shoot! She also took the lead as the unofficial director of the day, since we had no specific poses or shots in mind. The elements even took a turn for the worse, but Steph was completely un-phased by that…it actually motivated her! She dealt with the wind, rain, fog, cold, and more – all the while encouraging us to go for shots that others may have avoided all together. The day was perfect and no words could ever capture the magnitude of everything that happened. As for our post-shoot experience, Steph was frequently keeping us up to date on the status our final package – even sending us glimpses of what it was looking like. There was no discomfort associated with wondering what it would look like, yet she left room for us to be very and pleasantly surprised in the end! We received a priority mail package and an online album within the agreed upon timeline. We can’t go one day without looking at all of the beautiful images. There aren’t a couple, a few, or even just 10 good final photos…there are too many to count. While Steph likely can’t accept any and every job that comes her way, those of us lucky enough to have worked with her truly are the lucky ones. Even though she’s already been featured by many media outlets, keep an eye out for bigger and better things to come from Steph Grant Photography.


Steph Grant is a gem of a human, an incredible storyteller, and a gifted photographer. We first met her for our engagement photos in northern California, where we went on a grand adventure that involved hiking, making campfires, and mostly forgetting we were there to take photos. It was such a great time. Steph captured it perfectly and at some point we casually learned she also had strep throat. No big deal! When we reconnected for our wedding a year later, personally, we picked up right where we left off. Professionally, she kept us living in the moment, knowing none would be missed. Hiring Steph was one of the best we made. The memories we shared with her in front of and behind the camera will always have a special place in our hearts.


We wanted Steph to capture our wedding memories from the moment we saw what she was accomplishing for our (LGBT) community.
If you want a personal, feel like you’re family, sit on your grandma’s couch, comfort of your closest friend, LGBT warrior, wedding photographer with an extraordinary amount of professional touch, you need to choose Steph Grant Photography.