Hey we’re Haley & Hannah! We live in Austin, Texas with our puppy, Rye, and our cat, Oliver. We enjoy spending time outdoors – here in Austin at the Greenbelt and Lake Travis. We love trying new restaurants, seeing live music, and traveling the world. It’s important to explore and create meaningful experiences in life!

What is the first thing you remember about the other when you first met?

Haley: I remember meeting Hannah after one of her shows at the Cactus Cafe on UT’s campus here in Austin. I remember being impressed by her vocals in the performance and was struck by her beautiful blue eyes!

Hannah: the first time I remember seeing Haley was at North Door at a concert I was playing — I’m not sure we actually met that night. I saw her up on the balcony and I knew who she was through mutual friends; I remember thinking she looked so suave. Throughout the night, my gaze kept finder her and I couldn’t wait to meet.

What is your favorite memory together?

Haley: Ohh man! Too many favorite memories just came to mind! Thailand, Australia… moving to New York City together… but one of the first favorite memories together would have to be looking at my beautiful salt & pepper diamond ring on Bondi Beach in Australia shortly after Hannah presented it to me – it’s my favorite because it is a reminder that we will always be there for each other.

Hannah: we’ve had so many over the years! A few that first come to mind: exploring Thailand and scuba diving (my first time!) in Koh Phi Phi; hiking the Blue Mountains and driving the 12 Apostles in Australia; paragliding over Torrey Pines and Telluride; uprooting our lives to move to New York City (the good times and the grit). The common theme here I guess is adventure, and new experiences — and those are favorites!

What do you admire most about one another?

Haley: I admire Hannah’s strong work ethic, her patience, her humbleness, and her level headed mentality. It’s important to me because we balance each other!

Hannah: I admire Haley’s tenacity, positive spirit, and lust for life (among many other things, of course). These things are important to me because she often pushes me out of my comfort zone and, I’ll admit, I need that sometimes. I like to think we’re a good balance.

What’s in your future together that has you excited?

Haley: We just bought a new home together and are excited about doing some renovations and really making the space ours! And as far as a fun trip we have coming up — for our 8 year anniversary, we are taking a long weekend up to Napa Valley to do some wine tasting!

Hannah: Well, we just bought a house, so that’s exciting! And with the house comes a handful of projects — a few renovations, landscaping, etc. Trips-wise, our 8 year anniversary is coming up in June so we’re heading to Napa to celebrate! And next year, Bali and Greece are on the docket. No family additions on the horizon; we’re all set with Oliver and Rye!

What is one piece of advice that you would give to other couples? 

Haley: Communication is key. Relationships can be constant compromise — it’s important to know what and how far you’re willing to compromise and to be able to talk about it with each other.

Hannah: Communicate, be vulnerable, fight, make-up, play together, learn together, cry together, go on adventures, spend the day in bed…most importantly — wake up every day and love the one your with.

Top 3 things that you feel make a partnership last? 

Communication and vulnerability.

Dedicated time together (prioritizing a weekly date night, planning a trip together, etc.).

Calculated compromise

Why’d you choose Steph to document these memories for you? 

I learned of Steph’s work through a mutual friend – I just love the way she captures genuine emotion.

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