Truth be told, elopements are my ultimate favorite for many reasons but here are my top 3 reasons:

1. Your personalities can’t help but stand out in each photograph when you are LESS STRESSED! I’d say that most people aren’t super comfortable with a camera following them around for 8 hours… much less when they’re rushed, have 150 people staring at them and are sporting attire that they don’t typically wear. It can also be easy to slip into planning a wedding for other people and lose sight of why you’re there…YOU. There’s a weight  lifted when you don’t have to worry about being present for anyone but yourselves!

2. SAVE SOME CASH MONEY. We all know that weddings can cost an arm and 2 legs. Even when you’re a master at budgeting. Let’s face it… traditions can be expensive. I enjoy when a couple isn’t afraid to shake things up and do their day EXACTLY how they want it.

3. You’d be surprised just how fast a wedding day flies by. Especially when you have to entertain guests. Elopements allow the couple MORE TIME to connect and soak in their day with each other [and selfishly, I get to spend more time you instead of running around large crowds and sticking to strict timelines.] This leaves room for those last minute “whoa pull over really quick” moments. 

Are you an LGBTQ+ couple entertaining the idea of eloping next year? Let’s adventure together. $500 OFF 2021 Elopements/Intimate Weddings!

☑️ Only 12 spots available [1 couple per month]

☑️ Under 25 people total in attendance

☑️ Must be in the USA

☑️ Travel/Lodging not included

☑️ Must book by Dec 30th, 2020

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