Live True Be Happy Promote Love

Live True Be Happy Promote Love

Hi guys! Steph here. I have a few things on my heart and I thought I’d take a quick minute to jot them all down.

I love when people are authentic and tell their backstories. You guys know this.

When I hear a person’s story, they automatically become more real to me. I can connect with them on a different level. Sure we have seen Megan Rapinoe completely dominate the soccer field, but there is something about seeing her in normal clothes with her girlfriend & her guitar playing music. In this video she talks about how being yourself is the most important thing: “I think when you’re hiding some part of you or not letting some part of you out you are hindering yourself. Be yourself. Nobody can take that away from you.”

After watching this video and after seeing so many comments about Caitlyn Jenner over the past couple of weeks…I wanted to show my support for all of us working everyday to be true to ourselves. We are all heroes in our own way & we need to be proud of ourselves even when no one else seems to be. You have no idea who you might be touching by taking a stand and being brave. Before you spew words of hatred or anything other than love please remember that there is an actual human being with feelings on the other end of those comments. Show love to everyone even when they are different than you. Even if you don’t understand. TRY to understand and if you still don’t get it respect them and be a decent human being. We are better than those hurtful words.

I designed this shirt in hopes that we will wear this positive message proudly as a reminder to be true to ourselves and to love others.

Last night I received an email from someone (who wanted to remain anonymous for now) I met a little while back. They shared with me their story of their 10 year old son. This person bought a Promote Love Movement shirt for themselves and their son. I read the words she had typed over and over, “when I came home with that Promote Love shirt and showed him the pictures you take and said I think you are bad ass, he looked lighter and happier. He wears the shirt to bed every day and that’s his happy place. For now, let it fuel you that you are saving lives. You are making a hard conversation and an awkward thing about what it SHOULD be about…loving each other.”

Wow. After receiving that email I have never ever felt more strongly in my heart that I am in the right place doing exactly what I need to be doing. We are right at the beginning of something big…I can just feel it. It’s only been a month since the official #PromoteLove launch party and all I can say is that you guys are wonderful. I am so proud to be in this with YOU. This is our movement and we are in control of how far we take it. Please make sure to share your story with someone when you are ready. Someone may need to hear it and you may need to hear yours. Please take time to watch these videos. They’re important.


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Live True Shirt Promote Love

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A good reminder from Megan Rapinoe: Live True Be Happy Promote Love

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